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Lupercalias Rolling In

Got my order in today! Yay!

I was going to test both Giant Vulva and Man with Phallus Head (and possibly Melainis), but I ended up doing a full-out test wearing of Giant Vulva. I'll pop in tomorrow with Phallus Head or Mel tomorrow.

Giant Vulva: Skin musk, sugar cane, honey, beeswax, vanilla flower, and copal.

In the bottle and wet, it strikes me as smelling like sugar-coated beeswax candles. Oh….it’s so gooooood! I want to lick my arm! aroused.gif That stage is fleeting , which doesn’t surprise me because when something is that beautiful it tends to be (and oh, I can’t wait to try this in the scent locket). I know make a similar comparison about a lot of blends, but wet, this reminds me strongly of the drydown of No. 93 Engine.

As it dries it starts toning down into something really pleasant. The skin musk, which I adore, is very much present, and the copal adds both a bright smokiness (those who have burned actual copal will know what I mean) and a depth to it. The combination here is incredible. I can't smell the waft very well (Having totally snorted and huffed at my arm while it was strong and ruined my nose for that), but my boyfriend said he could definitely smell something good.

It dries down to something faint and close to the skin, soft and beautiful but intimate. I am hoping that aging will give this a bit more potency as the copal develops, because it really is gorgeous, and it makes me so sad when it fades all too soon (about 4 or 5 hours, though I can still smell it a bit).

Man with Phallus Head: Smoky musk, ambergris, tonka bean, brown sandalwood, daemonorops, black currant, and honey.
This goes on dark, complex and a little creamy (must be the tonka and sandlawood combination). It's a very smooth,  purply and almost velvety scent. I don't find the currants to be overly raisiny or too grapey here. It just adds a slight fruity wine tone to the whole thing, which the honey only makes better. It's a subtle honey, just a sweet drop or two. Honestly, I think this might be one of my favorite sandalwood blends, since the other notes in this complement it so well that it doesn't overpower everything else, as sandalwood normally does to me.  The ambergris adds a little bit of a sharp bite to this, but it's faint on me. While it gives me that slight tingle in my nose that's usually the sign of a perfume that's going to give me a headache, it never goes that far on me, and that sharpness actually helps to brighten up a blend that might threaten to be too dark. As with Giant Vulva, my only complaint is how close to the skin it gets as it fades down, but I think that's going to be a trend with the Lupercalias.  (Edited to add - after only about 3 hours this has gone so so faint I can hardly smell it.)
Melainis: Teak, frankincense, caramel, oakmoss, red currant, labdanum absolute, bitter clove, patchouli, star anise, tobacco, and black musk Sniffing in the bottle, this is full of tobbacoy lovelyness, and the boyfriend says, "Smells like a head shop. But not a normal head shop, one that's got...you know...adult products." I said, "It smells like Bizzarre Bazzare?" He nods and I said, "You know, I can live with that." On the skin I immediately get the teak, the tobacco and maybe just a breath of anise, darkened by patchouli and musk. There’s a distractingly sharp “high note”  to it that could be the labdanum or the frankincense –it’s almost like harsh copal - the real stuff, not the lab’s beautiful note, and it gives me the feel of an alcohol-based perfume, which is just strange for a BPAL. As it dries down I get a hint of the caramel now and again in the waft, which is a lovely addition. I’m really loving a lot of the notes here, particularly the tobacco and caramel, but that sharpness on the edge is quite distracting to me, and because of it (I think it’s what’s to blame) eventually this gets just a little soapy on me. This is much more potent, strong and gives a good bit of throw, compared to the Shungas I tried.  I’d hoped this would be a favorite, but there’s something I’m not completely happy with here. I’m not giving up on it, though.  I am going to try it again in a month or so and see if  some aging blends it together a little better. (Edited to add: Tried it again today and  much better/not soapy. No idea why. -- Also, I hate LJ's cuts. Why it gives me duplicates is just...ARGH!)


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